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Kleborate-viz is a visualisation app for the output of Kleborate-
a genotyping tool for Klebsiella pneumoniae and its related species complex.

You can upload your own data via the control panel on the left
or view the built in datasets by clicking the Global dataset
or EuSCAPE dataset buttons and selecting one of the plot tabs above.

By default plots will include all genomes, but you can use the left side panel
to filter by species and/or Kleborate resistance and virulence scores.
All plots are interactive so you can select the variables to show and/or
hover your curser over the data points to view the underlying data values.

For more information, comments and suggestions visit the Kleborate-viz wiki.

Summary by species

Count of genomes for common STs

Mean virulence and resistance scores by ST (click to select genomes)

Genotypes of selected genomes

Genome distributions across metadata

Convergence vs metadata

Sampling density by year

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Virulence and resistance scores

Acquired AMR classes and genes

Virulence determinant prevalence

AMR determinant prevalence

Genome distributions across metadata

Overall prevalence (K locus

and O-locus


K locus prevalence by group

O locus prevalence by group

Count of genomes for common K loci

Count of genomes for common O loci

Genotypes of selected genomes

MICs by AMR genotype